The Fancy Goldfish is a Messy Fish

After owning a fancy goldfish for around 5 months now, I have finally come to the  conclusion that these fish are super messy. When I got this fish I had to decide between a Koi fish are also goldfish and I went with the goldfish. I was told by an employee at the pet store how messies fish actually work but I didn’t actually think it would be as much is what it is.

I would say on a 10 gallon tank like I have myself I do 40% tank change every week and a half. And how I change the water I just use a little 3 gallon pail in the little fault and pump and just pump it out instead of moving the aquarium all the way over to the Faucet.

I have other fish and I do not have to clean the tanks are aquariums near as much so if you are thinking about getting a goldfish you need to think about getting a good filtration system. These fish are very messy and they eat at least twice a day and they make a lot of ammonia and the water and nitrate.

I’m not saying that I disagree with my choice and getting a goldfish I’m just stating that people looking into this I will just reassure you that they are messy fish. Do some proper research on how to get a good filtration system going in your aquarium and also remember that the larger aquarium you have the less filtration you will have to do.

And remember when you go out and buy a filter that you should know that whatever size tank you have you should buy a filter to at least circulate that amount of water twice. For example if your aquarium is 10 gallons in size and you should buy a filter that at least does 20 gallons worth.

I am pretty happy with my selection of goldfish and just letting you know that this is probably one of the most common reasons why these fish die so much is because people do not have proper maintenance on their aquariums.

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