New Fish in the Goldfish Aquarium

I’m adding a tank mate to my goldfish tank and really was worried about precautions to take when adding a new fish. I started doing some research on what a person should do so that the fish that is entering the new habitat has a safe route there and doesn’t end up with too much stress. A fish with a lot of stress is not a good thing. I truly was worried so I had to do a bunch of research and I figured it would be worth it to share it in a video on my channel.  I’m still in the learning process here so any comments or help would also help for my future fish as well.

Some Very Important Variables to Remember

It seems the very most important variable that needs to be taken care of is the water temperature. If the fish that is newly entering the new habitat has a spike in change of water temperature.. that alone could kill the fish by itself. So what you want to do is put the bag with the fish in it INSIDE of the aquarium water for 20 minutes. This gives the fish a chance to change from it’s water temperature to the new aquarium water temperature.

The next important variable is going to be fish size. If your fish you have already are pretty large and the new fish you are entering in is very small.. Math equation of your big fish being able to eat your little fish?.. You really need to worry about this because it happens all the time. Fish do eat other fish and even if your fish is a herbivore, sometimes fish just do that. (I read funny stories).. So make sure your new fish is large enough not to get ate.

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