Fish Bowls Are Immoral Wrong for Fish

fish bowl too small

I think it is pretty safe to say that when people put fish inside of small fishbowls that it’s pretty immoral. What happens to the fish is that it’s forced to live in a small environment that is almost unlivable for any species of fish.

The most common fish that I see put in fishbowls is the Japanese fighting fish also known as the beta fish. People think that these fish like to be in these little bowls because they are sold in these tiny little cups.

The main problem with the small fishbowls is that there’s not enough water and without that much water you’re going to have a low oxygen levels. So after the fish has laid some feces in the water the oxygen levels go down even more.

Because the water to oxygen level is such a ratio .. when feces is entered it goes even lower and that’s why a lot of fish die in fishbowls. It’s just basic math of how much oxygen is actually given to the fish in the small tank.

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