Baja Fishing Start Up Story Sent In from Guest

Our first trip to Baja was in 1978. We knew nothing about the tour business back then,
but loved to fish! In those days, we could get a four day trip from LAX to LaPaz for
$119.00 including hotel! We fished with Bob Butler and Jack Velez on their fleet. I had
met them on a previous trip and liked their program. We fished for two days at Isla
Spiritu Santos and Isla Cerralvo. Everybody caught fish and had a great time.

After several successful trips to La Paz, we started going to Loreto, staying at the Oasis
Hotel and fishing with the late Alfredo Ramirez. In the mid ’80s we even took the Arcadia,
CA High School Angling Club to Loreto! From there we took groups to the East Cape,
then Mazatlan and even Costa Rica!

Baja fishing became so popular in the 70’s and 80’s that many of the big travel
operators jumped in the game. The scene became so competitive, almost cut-throat,
that we decided to get out of the business and just enjoy Baja on our own personal
travels.  In the early ’90s, we realized there are  several destinations in Baja that are not
accessible by scheduled airlines. Ensenada, San Quintin and Bahia de Los Angeles
are places that we knew very well and had derived a great deal of enjoyment our of in
our own travels. None of these had airline service. This is where the Bus idea came in.
We did our first bus trip in ’94 to Ensenada, expanded to San Quintin, and now we
include Bahia de Los Angeles in our schedule.
We’ve discovered a great facility in Bahia de Los Angeles for divers. All brand new
equipment for tank fills and equipment rentals.

Travel from Southern California via
Charter Bus to San Quintin
(Beer, sodas, water, snacks free on bus)

Stay 4 nights at the
Old Mill Fishing Resort
right on the Bay of San Quintin

Fish 3 days with
Pedro’s Pangas

$695 per/person
double+ occupancy


A valid Passport is required for return
to the US from Mexico


Call for info:

San Quintin is located
approximately 200 miles south
of the border on the Pacific
side of the Baja Penninsula. It
is a sleepy little fishing village
known for it’s year round
Yellowtail, Rock Cod, Lingcod,
Calico Bass, Sand Bass and
Cabrillas. Seasonally Tuna,
White Sea Bass and Dorado
are caught.

Bahia de Los Angeles is on
the Sea of Cortez in the
Midriff Islands area approx.
425 miles south of the border.
In addition to Dorado,
Grouper and a permanent
colony of Yellowtail there is
always a multitude of bottom

Divers will find fascinating
reefs and rocky coves to
explore for sightseeing or
spearfishing. The resort has a
brand new compressor for
tank refills. Wet suits, weights
and rental gear is available
from the resort. Also, Kayaks
are available at no charge for
the guests

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