Catch Big Crappies Sales Pitch, Kinda Funny Actually

Pomoxis nigromaculatus

Pomoxis nigromaculatus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sure, five pound bass and fat rainbow trout may be the “stars” of the fishing world, but crappies are the sentimental favorites among an elite group of die-hard anglers of every age and description. And while bass fishing normally requires some degree of casting skill and fishing know-how, a kid with a cane pole, a minnow, a hook, and a bobber can outfish his elders for crappie on some days with just a little bit of luck.

What is it about these crappie that make them so irresistible? It’s not their size, even though a big one is a nice fish, they can’t compete with bass, walleye, northerns, muskies, or even catfish in the size department.

And while they can put up a fair tussle, and must be handled gently so their “paper” mouths don’t tear free, they don’t jump out of the water and make strong runs the way a bass does. And they aren’t likely to take out much line or pull out the drag like a big northern. But gently lifting a big “slab” crappie into the boat is still a real thrill, and enough excitement to get an angler “hooked” on crappie fishing for life.

Then, of course, there is the taste of crispy crappie fillets! They are a delicacy that you won’t find in fish markets, and a good case can be made for them being the cleanest, mildest and tastiest fish you can catch. They sure rank right up there with walleye in taste, and leave bass and catfish far behind.

But I think there is some special about their beauty that the key to their appeal. The sunlight reflects from their silver sides. Their large waving fins and big eyes are hypnotic. And the subtle colors across their backs and “broad shoulders” are beautiful to behold. In fact, there is something downright mysterious about this fish which explains their wide appeal, but which is very hard to put in words…

I’m sure part of the appeal is the simplicity. Sure, some crappie pros use high-tech electronics, but the basics are things that even a kid can master. And this simplicity brings fishermen of all ages and skill levels together in a fishing adventure that seldom disappoints. Crappies can be found in almost every state and every pond and lake. They can be caught year round, morning and evening and during the day. They can be caught from a boat or from the shore.

If you’re like me, “hooked on crappies,” you may think you know all the crappie catching secrets you’ll ever need, but think again! In every state and on every crappie lake their are “crappie masters” that can teach us all a thing or two about how to catch the “big-uns.” The trouble is they tend to keep these secrets to themselves. If they do “spill the beans” it will probably be as guides to folks who’ll spend up to $200 plus for a half day trip. (Boy, that makes for an expensive mess of fish!)

But hold on! I’ve found a true crappie catching guru who will share his lifelong secrets with us for a fraction of what these high-priced pros charge. If you want to catch more and bigger slabs, impress your friends and family, and have confidence that you can go to any lake and not come come empty-handed, then you owe it to yourself to check out this “crappie catching legend,” and his

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