Filter for 10 Gallon Aquarium, Most Common

This style of filter defined here in the video is the most common filter used from 10 to 30 gallon aquariums and above. The reason these are the most common used filters because they’re the easiest to maintain and they just run 24 seven hours a day for only a couple of dollars a month in electricity cost.

What happens with these filters is there is a canister that sits on the back and the pump is used to fill the canister and as the water floats to the top of the canister it overhangs using a waterfall effect. As the waterfalls into the aquarium it falls through different filter media’s in different filter types that you choose to put inside of the canister. Is realistically just forced through the filters and that filters the water very good and this happens continuously as long as the filters running.

If you can imagine these filters work great and people can even use multiple filters on one aquarium to pump a lot of volume of water. I have personally used a couple of them on my 30 gallon tank because I had a couple filters that were smaller in size so I just used multiple filters instead of just using one large one. You can find these filters all over at pet stores and they cost anywhere from US$10 all the way to a couple of hundred dollars. I can tell you right now though that they are the best method to use for middle size aquariums because they are so easy to maintain.

For more of a visual experience you can watch the video here of me describing how these filters work. I’m not the greatest at explaining this type of thing but I do my best year to give a visual aid as for people can see what is actually happening before they go out and buy these.

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