Keep Wild Fish in Aquarium Illegal?

northern pike

Question: I’m looking at getting an aquarium and filling it was some wild her native Fish in the aquarium. What are the legalities and laws of keeping fish from the wild if I catch them orals contact a special source or how do I go about doing this? Really interested in getting some different fish other than just the plane aquarium fish that eats flake food and stuff that just seems boring to me I want something better. Please help me because I do not have any knowledge on this topic.

MudPupGuy5634 replied:
You actually have to watch what you go out and catch and put an aquarium because it is actually illegal to do that in most states in the United States. The reason it is illegal is because people are catching the fish and then traveling across the United States with these fish and they are bringing different invasive species to different areas.

The people in the aquarium hobby are one of the main reasons for a lot of the invasive species because they get greedy and want to keep them in an aquarium and that’s how they get transferred. If you’re looking to have a wild fish have to get a permit or something like that but if you keep some fish that are less of a problem and a new sense like a bluegill or a small panfish like that he will be better because they are already native Tamils all of the states.

PikeGuy76 replied:
Like he said if you use a fish that is not invasive that all but doesn’t have the ability to be invasive you will be perfectly fine at keeping them and no one’s going to bother you. Or if you keep the fish that is already an invasive cheer area it’s probably not going to be a big deal because it’s ready to leave more or less. But if you are traveling to different areas and keeping fish that are not habitats local to your area you’re going to catch some trouble for that.

But you have to remember that there could not too concerned about it because they do Mail fish across the world and a bag for these fish keepers that pay a lot of money so it’s not too big of a problem if you really think about it. And if the fish are not a problem yet they are probably not going to be one because with all of the time we have already had for people to do things wrong it whatever already occurred. Because it seems like it doesn’t take long for people to think of stupid things and it probably would have already happened if it was going to that’s at least my personal opinion alma mater.

KenziSport98 replied:
If you keep a pretty normal fish that is regular to your area and nobody kind of cares about more or less are going to be fine but if you’re keeping exotic fish you might have people scratching their heads so it’s really up to you on what you decide to keep.

There was a guy that lived a mile away from you that was keeping some fish that were actually a legal to have in the city and he eventually got cot just by word-of-mouth and people talking in here of our neighborhood looks pretty wicked. People is a big mouthy and on small neighborhoods talk a lot so you have to beware of what you tell people in show certain kids and stuff.

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  1. nonnoboy says:

    Is it an endangered species? Red Arowanas, Arapaima, and many baby sharks are illegal. I think Asian Carp alive is also illegal. Lionfish, Jellyfish, and eels are okay even though they are exotic…

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