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Keep Wild Fish in Aquarium Illegal?

Question: I’m looking at getting an aquarium and filling it was some wild her native Fish in the aquarium. What are the legalities and laws of keeping fish from the wild if I catch them orals contact a special source … Continue reading

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Filter for 10 Gallon Aquarium, Most Common

This style of filter defined here in the video is the most common filter used from 10 to 30 gallon aquariums and above. The reason these are the most common used filters because they’re the easiest to maintain and they … Continue reading

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Is this Molly Fish Pregnant? Can You Help?

I need some help figuring out if my molly fish is pregnant. I just recorded this video to get some other opinions. I have three dalmation molly fish that are living in a brackish 10 gallon aquarium. It is very … Continue reading

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Crappie Jigs and Facts to Know

The crappie jig now comes in countless sizes, colors, and materials but the principle is the same- a small, light-weight, lead-head lure with a flexible tail that mimics a small baitfish in trouble. The jigging action from which the crappie … Continue reading

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Catch Big Crappies Sales Pitch, Kinda Funny Actually

Sure, five pound bass and fat rainbow trout may be the “stars” of the fishing world, but crappies are the sentimental favorites among an elite group of die-hard anglers of every age and description. And while bass fishing normally requires … Continue reading

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Irish Basking Shark are Endangered Species Now

An urgent call is now being made to the Irish government to have the Irish basking shark declared an endangered species. An alarming decrease in their numbers and age profile has been established from observation and other sources of information. … Continue reading

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Driftnets for Ships in the Ocean

The “safest” boats in the world, according to the B.N.F.L., the double-hulled ‘Pacific-Pintail’ and her sister ship, the Pacific Teal, are expected in Irish waters shortly. The cargo on board these boats is the most dangerous known to humankind. Among … Continue reading

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