Baja Fishing Start Up Story Sent In from Guest

Our first trip to Baja was in 1978. We knew nothing about the tour business back then,
but loved to fish! In those days, we could get a four day trip from LAX to LaPaz for
$119.00 including hotel! We fished with Bob Butler and Jack Velez on their fleet. I had
met them on a previous trip and liked their program. We fished for two days at Isla
Spiritu Santos and Isla Cerralvo. Everybody caught fish and had a great time.

After several successful trips to La Paz, we started going to Loreto, staying at the Oasis
Hotel and fishing with the late Alfredo Ramirez. In the mid ’80s we even took the Arcadia,
CA High School Angling Club to Loreto! From there we took groups to the East Cape,
then Mazatlan and even Costa Rica!

Baja fishing became so popular in the 70’s and 80’s that many of the big travel
operators jumped in the game. The scene became so competitive, almost cut-throat,
that we decided to get out of the business and just enjoy Baja on our own personal
travels.  In the early ’90s, we realized there are  several destinations in Baja that are not
accessible by scheduled airlines. Ensenada, San Quintin and Bahia de Los Angeles
are places that we knew very well and had derived a great deal of enjoyment our of in
our own travels. None of these had airline service. This is where the Bus idea came in.
We did our first bus trip in ’94 to Ensenada, expanded to San Quintin, and now we
include Bahia de Los Angeles in our schedule.
We’ve discovered a great facility in Bahia de Los Angeles for divers. All brand new
equipment for tank fills and equipment rentals.

Travel from Southern California via
Charter Bus to San Quintin
(Beer, sodas, water, snacks free on bus)

Stay 4 nights at the
Old Mill Fishing Resort
right on the Bay of San Quintin

Fish 3 days with
Pedro’s Pangas

$695 per/person
double+ occupancy


A valid Passport is required for return
to the US from Mexico


Call for info:

San Quintin is located
approximately 200 miles south
of the border on the Pacific
side of the Baja Penninsula. It
is a sleepy little fishing village
known for it’s year round
Yellowtail, Rock Cod, Lingcod,
Calico Bass, Sand Bass and
Cabrillas. Seasonally Tuna,
White Sea Bass and Dorado
are caught.

Bahia de Los Angeles is on
the Sea of Cortez in the
Midriff Islands area approx.
425 miles south of the border.
In addition to Dorado,
Grouper and a permanent
colony of Yellowtail there is
always a multitude of bottom

Divers will find fascinating
reefs and rocky coves to
explore for sightseeing or
spearfishing. The resort has a
brand new compressor for
tank refills. Wet suits, weights
and rental gear is available
from the resort. Also, Kayaks
are available at no charge for
the guests

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Fish Bowls Are Immoral Wrong for Fish

fish bowl too small

I think it is pretty safe to say that when people put fish inside of small fishbowls that it’s pretty immoral. What happens to the fish is that it’s forced to live in a small environment that is almost unlivable for any species of fish.

The most common fish that I see put in fishbowls is the Japanese fighting fish also known as the beta fish. People think that these fish like to be in these little bowls because they are sold in these tiny little cups.

The main problem with the small fishbowls is that there’s not enough water and without that much water you’re going to have a low oxygen levels. So after the fish has laid some feces in the water the oxygen levels go down even more.

Because the water to oxygen level is such a ratio .. when feces is entered it goes even lower and that’s why a lot of fish die in fishbowls. It’s just basic math of how much oxygen is actually given to the fish in the small tank.

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Custom Fish Filter, Messing Around Bored

custom fish filter
I’ve decided to start toying around with some PVC to make a custom fish filter. After spending like an hour looking at how fish filters work online.. I think I’m ready to now make one. The only thing I’m lacking here is the media filter.

If you look at this design, you will notice where I plan to put the filter paper into. The PVC clean out unscrews and I can stuff a bunch of filter paper in there. And whole water is pushed through the pipes, it will filter the water and maybe even get some media rocks for ammonia or nitrate in there.

I still have to find a way to stop the ammonia rocks from going threw the pipes but maybe ill shove some amall net in there to catch them. I hate when ammonia rocks are in aquariums and it can’t be good for the fish right.

Let me know what you guys think of this so far. Remember that water is going to be constantly fed through the pipe and it will really be going at a fast rate. I believe my rate is like 600 gallons per hour.

I’m super excite to see if this baby works. I know it will work as long as the ammonia rocks don’t go through. But I guess I don’t even have to use the rocks either. I could always just do more water changes or get a chemical to drop in for nitrate levels.

Making custom fish filters is on my passions to do because they are hard to think of. I would consider my myself to be half plumber as well since my dad is a master plumber haha. Wish me luck because I’m going to go try this.

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New Fish in the Goldfish Aquarium

I’m adding a tank mate to my goldfish tank and really was worried about precautions to take when adding a new fish. I started doing some research on what a person should do so that the fish that is entering the new habitat has a safe route there and doesn’t end up with too much stress. A fish with a lot of stress is not a good thing. I truly was worried so I had to do a bunch of research and I figured it would be worth it to share it in a video on my channel.  I’m still in the learning process here so any comments or help would also help for my future fish as well.

Some Very Important Variables to Remember

It seems the very most important variable that needs to be taken care of is the water temperature. If the fish that is newly entering the new habitat has a spike in change of water temperature.. that alone could kill the fish by itself. So what you want to do is put the bag with the fish in it INSIDE of the aquarium water for 20 minutes. This gives the fish a chance to change from it’s water temperature to the new aquarium water temperature.

The next important variable is going to be fish size. If your fish you have already are pretty large and the new fish you are entering in is very small.. Math equation of your big fish being able to eat your little fish?.. You really need to worry about this because it happens all the time. Fish do eat other fish and even if your fish is a herbivore, sometimes fish just do that. (I read funny stories).. So make sure your new fish is large enough not to get ate.

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The Fancy Goldfish is a Messy Fish

After owning a fancy goldfish for around 5 months now, I have finally come to the  conclusion that these fish are super messy. When I got this fish I had to decide between a Koi fish are also goldfish and I went with the goldfish. I was told by an employee at the pet store how messies fish actually work but I didn’t actually think it would be as much is what it is.

I would say on a 10 gallon tank like I have myself I do 40% tank change every week and a half. And how I change the water I just use a little 3 gallon pail in the little fault and pump and just pump it out instead of moving the aquarium all the way over to the Faucet.

I have other fish and I do not have to clean the tanks are aquariums near as much so if you are thinking about getting a goldfish you need to think about getting a good filtration system. These fish are very messy and they eat at least twice a day and they make a lot of ammonia and the water and nitrate.

I’m not saying that I disagree with my choice and getting a goldfish I’m just stating that people looking into this I will just reassure you that they are messy fish. Do some proper research on how to get a good filtration system going in your aquarium and also remember that the larger aquarium you have the less filtration you will have to do.

And remember when you go out and buy a filter that you should know that whatever size tank you have you should buy a filter to at least circulate that amount of water twice. For example if your aquarium is 10 gallons in size and you should buy a filter that at least does 20 gallons worth.

I am pretty happy with my selection of goldfish and just letting you know that this is probably one of the most common reasons why these fish die so much is because people do not have proper maintenance on their aquariums.

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